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At GearIntuit Hypnosis you can expect that its founder, Nicole Vallentyne, CCH understands that no two people are the same. As a client, your GearIntuit Sessions are as unique as you are. You can expect to find yourself in a safe and supportive environment. GearIntuit prides itself on following up after sessions to ensure your satisfaction and well-being. Here you are not a number or a file, but a person whose success matters. Your success is our success.

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I am thrilled with the transformation that I have made with Nicole’s guidance. I started the process hesitant, not of Nicole’s abilities, but did wonder if I was beyond help after struggling with sugar for so many years. Nicole’s compassion, patience, and passion for her work was evident from our first conversation. Nicole genuinely cares about her clients and their success. It was easy to get excited about my progress when Nicole was so enthusiastic about each positive step that I made. I just wish Nicole had come into my life sooner!

Jane, Kanata

Nicole Vallentyne is exceptionally empowering to work with. Having worked with her many times via Skype, her sessions brought me to new levels of insight and inspiration. Hypnosis is often associated with phobias and significant obstacles, her work goes beyond the norm. Analogous to working with a high performance coach, she can bring out the best in you and help you take your next step whatever that may be. I highly recommend working with her.

Andrew Bray

Creator, Energy Awaken

My doctor called it “white coat syndrome”, I called it phobia. The thought of having my blood pressure taken by a doctor was terrifying to me. I would feel such anxiety that invariably, the numbers would be quite high. So my doctor recommended that I take my own blood pressure at home for a month and then come back and see her with the results. The thought of doing that was causing me great anxiety and fear and I knew that the resulting numbers would therefore be high. These thoughts, of course, exacerbated my anxieties of taking my blood pressure. I decided to undergo hypnosis to see if I could overcome this phobia.

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