About Us

About GearIntuit Hypnosis

If you are thinking hypnosis is a spectator sport… it’s not.

If you’re picturing clucking like a chicken… don’t worry.

With GearIntuit Hypnosis, a session is about trust, shared goals, and results.

Stage hypnosis and clinical hypnosis are vastly different. Even though similar techniques are employed it is a very individual experience in a private office setting. Nicole, your Certified Consulting Hypnotist, takes a personalized approach to every individual session, considering the needs and concerns and specific goals of the client.

How does hypnosis work? Hypnosis leverages the power of suggestion to re-train your mind to choose healthier, more positive approaches to everyday life.

The objective for both parties is to stay in a prolonged connection of peace and relaxed focus to achieve maximum results post-session. It is the responsibility of the hypnotist to stay aligned with the client at all times.

GearIntuit has based its success on Nicole’s many case studies and several years of experience in not only hypnosis, but other modalities of holistic healing as well. Since 2010 Nicole Vallentyne has been working to empower her clients; in addition to being a Certified Hypnotist, Nicole is a Certified Coach through the Certified Coaching Federation, as well as a Reiki Master. All of these skills are brought together to create each session. Each session with Nicole is carefully prepared and structured. Nicole understands that no two people are the same, and as a client you can expect your GearIntuit sessions to be as unique as you are.

As a member in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists, Nicole follows and adheres to the Guild’s Code of Ethics and all privacy laws.

Nicole built GearIntuit Hypnosis from a passion for helping others and celebrating in their success.

Nicole Vallentyne, CCH

Hi, I’m Nicole. I am so happy that you have made it this far in your search for self-enrichment. If you are reading this it is because you have an interest in making a positive change in your life. Reaching a little higher… overcoming… transcending.

I’ve found my passion and my calling, and it is helping people like you get where you want to go.
Since 2010 I have been seeing clients, working with them to realize the best version of themselves, and sharing in their successes. One success always builds another, and I derive all my professional satisfaction from watching that first small step grow and transform into confident strides towards personal fulfillment.

In addition to being a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, I am also a Certified Life/Executive Coach. I bring these skills to my hypnosis practice to enhance my clients’ experience and success. I have found that every client’s journey has taught me something new. Having additional training in other healing modalities has allowed me to connect with my clients on different levels that resonate with them.

If you are ready switch gears and experience hypnosis, I respectfully suggest you take that first step and connect with me.
There is nothing I would like more than to work with you, to shift old thought patterns, change your course.…and GearIntuit.