True me, or not true me?

That is the question.

In my previous post, I said “Be true to you.” and if that is all you read, I’m ok with that.  If you caught the suggestion to take time to plan, that would be even better.

Once we feel January coming on some of us start to get a little antsy.  The New Year is approaching so it must be time for that wave of pressure we are wired to add to ourselves.  For many, New Year’s Eve is associated with reflection and resolutions.

Have you ever thought about why about 1 in 10 New Year Resolutions Fail? Think about the word resolute for a moment.  Have a peek here at what Merriam Webster has to say about it:

This was amusing to me because even the dictionary didn’t want “resolute” to be associated with New Year’s Eve. 

When you see the synonyms for the word resolute (below) it can be daunting when you apply them to yourself.  We spend a lot of time with ourselves so it is important that our mind gets along with us.  You want to be kind to yourself and forgiving.  The synonyms that go with the word resolute are that of an unrelenting, overtired, jaded, cranky drill sergeant.  This is not someone you want to spend 100% of your time (and every thought) with.  Success comes with confidence.  Being supportive, forgiving and flexible with yourself is not a sign of weakness but a recipe that builds strength and confidence.  Creating rules for yourself that are uncompromising and unwavering is unrealistic.  That becomes a recipe that breeds disappointment, self degrading thoughts and all because you fell off the resolute wagon. 

Even hypnotists see an influx of business in January because everyone would like to stay true to their New Year’s Resolutions.  This is perfectly acceptable if you are true to yourself.  Any hypnotist worth their weight will tell you when you call that reducing stress and tension will build success.  Increasing confidence and self-esteem can only increase the success of achieving a goal.  Hypnosis is about changing thought patterns, not fighting them with inflexibility and unfaltering self-imposed rules.  Hypnosis is about becoming the observer of your own actions and seeing success ahead.  This makes every good decision feel natural.

So, I challenge you to think about being kind to yourself should you make a New Year’s Resolution.  You may also want to be aware that you are making personal changes because you decided to, and not because you are socially hypnotized to do so at the stroke of midnight.  You can take all the time you want to reflect and plan at anytime of year.  Let’s be honest, reflection should be a routine check in you do, and should not result in an annual January 1st epiphany. 

To sum it up, I think we can agree it would be good personal practice to avoid planning to do all the deep reflection and decision making that comes once a year during that 10 second countdown before 12:00AM on January 1st.  Once the ball drops, champagne pops, and Ryan Seacrest says “Happy New Year” try doing just that… simply having a Happy New Year.  Even the song “Auld Lang Syne” is a song of gratitude and celebration for old friends who have parted and meet again.  It doesn’t say anything in there about panicked self-improvement movements.  

Be true to you, take your time and plan.  You deserve it.  I’m here to support you.

Happy Holiday Season Everyone!