I am thrilled with the transformation that I have made with Nicole’s guidance. I started the process hesitant, not of Nicole’s abilities, but did wonder if I was beyond help after struggling with sugar for so many years. Nicole’s compassion, patience, and passion for her work was evident from our first conversation. Nicole genuinely cares about her clients and their success. It was easy to get excited about my progress when Nicole was so enthusiastic about each positive step that I made. I just wish Nicole had come into my life sooner!

Jane Kanata

Nicole Vallentyne is exceptionally empowering to work with. Having worked with her many times via Skype, her sessions brought me to new levels of insight and inspiration. Hypnosis is often associated with phobias and significant obstacles, her work goes beyond the norm. Analogous to working with a high performance coach, she can bring out the best in you and help you take your next step whatever that may be. I highly recommend working with her.

Andrew Bray

Creator, Energy Awaken

My doctor called it “white coat syndrome”, I called it phobia. The thought of having my blood pressure taken by a doctor was terrifying to me. I would feel such anxiety that invariably, the numbers would be quite high. So my doctor recommended that I take my own blood pressure at home for a month and then come back and see her with the results. The thought of doing that was causing me great anxiety and fear and I knew that the resulting numbers would therefore be high. These thoughts, of course, exacerbated my anxieties of taking my blood pressure. I decided to undergo hypnosis to see if I could overcome this phobia.

I am so glad that Nicole was able to help me with this. Nicole and I worked together over a 21 day period with a combination of hypnosis sessions and at home self-hypnosis. Trusting in the process, a strong desire for success and dedicated at-home work as prescribed by Nicole was also needed to insure success. When the day I had chosen as the first day I would start taking my blood pressure arrived, I was able to take my blood pressure without anxiety and without any attachment to the results. I was able to continue taking my blood pressure for a full month and arrived at my next doctor’s appointment with the list of readings that she had requested. I also felt no anxiety when my doctor took my blood pressure in her office. I am so grateful that hypnosis worked for me and I am thankful to Nicole for her professionalism, kindness, cheerful optimism and positive encouragement. I will definitely be recommending Nicole to friends and acquaintances who are considering hypnosis as an alternative for healing.


Ever since I can remember, I have been playing with my hair.  Twirling my hair so much it gets knotted and then I end up pulling out my hair.  Because of this, I would get bald spots.  My “areas” of choice were the sides, so imagine having bald spots on the sides of your hair, as a teenager in high school.  Try explaining that to your friends.  I had tried everything, from sitting on my hands to wearing gloves and telling whomever around me that if they see me to remind me to stop.  I used to do it without even realizing it.  Watching TV, reading a book, driving, didn’t matter what I did, I played with my hair.  My hair was so damaged and thin from me breaking the hairs when I twirled, or from when I would pull out the knots, call me vain but it really bothered me and I wanted to do something about it.

I did some research and come to find out what I’ve been doing actually has a name Trichotillomania.  It took me a few tries to finally be able to pronounce it.

I then found Nicole, and after the first session I stopped.  No more hair twirling and no more pulling out knotted hair.   I saw Nicole for a total of 3 sessions, she also made 2 audio files, one that I use in the morning and the other before going to bed.

This might sound strange to you, but I can’t wait for my hair to grow out fully and go back to my hairdresser and show it off.

It’s been since June 2017, and I am still going strong.

Thank you to Nicole,


My dear friend Nicole, recently helped me to build my confidence. I am looking for work, and that can be a very depressing time to a person. I was looking for a way to boost my confidence and help change my outlook to a more positive one, while also helping me increase my motivation to continue looking for work – despite the absolute need to do it.
I had never undergone hypnosis before and decided to give it a chance. The first couple of sessions were good. I felt better immediately after the session, but it wasn’t sticking. After about 3 sessions, I had a great breakthrough and actually felt empowered! I continued with my assigned homework, and continued to see Nicole weekly. Every session I saw and felt an improvement. It was not what I expected, it was better! It was a relaxing hour or so with her, where I experienced different sensations and visualizations, and always came out feeling great.
Now that I have completed my “session” with her, I can honestly say that I have not felt this confident or positive in a long time. The big test will be at job interviews, which I am certain are around the corner! And a bonus side effect of this therapy, which Nicole assures me there are various side effects, I was able to motivate myself enough that weight loss, which was a secondary goal, has been a success as well! I highly recommend Nicole to help you with your hypnosis needs!! She is so easy to be around, and is very attuned to what you are going through. My family and I thank her tremendously!

Jay – Spring 2016

I’ve struggled most of my life with my weight. I tried everything, will power, cutting carb, counting calories, working out until I was exhausted, you name it, I did it but none of it worked for very long. None of it ‘stuck’.
So that was where I was at when I came to Nicole. When I did decide to try hypnosis, I hoped it would work but was skeptical. In Nicole, I found a lady who was energetic and passionate about what she did, and you know what, she really knows what she’s doing! I got so much more than weight loss out of sessions with her. In fact, that was more like a happy side effect. Through hypnosis, I’ve gained a better relationship with food and a feeling of being in control of my life, not to mention a stronger sense of confidence. I no longer function on auto-pilot, eating to compensate for emotions, and feeling awful afterwards. It has become effortless and natural to me to make choices that support the life I want. I can’t thank Nicole enough for helping me change my life!

Mike Schudel

” It’s been an absolute privilege and pleasure to get professional hypnosis sessions from Nicole. Going in with a skeptic perspective regarding hypnosis, I emerged as a person who is more grounded, self-confident and has a direction to lead a fulfilling and motivated life. Nicole brings out the best in me every time I seek her services. With her warm demeanor and smiling face, combined with deep knowledge and passion for the field of hypnosis, she is a privilege to know & learn from.” 

Jolly S. - Kanata