What is your focus?  How clear is it?   Imagine what is possible when you sharpen that focus?  Envision your unlimited potential as you consider integrating your spiritual and worldly focus in a clear and balanced way.  How would that feel for you?

As I listened to these two very engaging sides of life, I celebrated the thought of how hypnosis is a fantastic tool to sharpen your chosen focus; you can apply it to not only your human priorities, but also to enhance your spiritual connection, whatever that may be.

These are questions that ran through my mind as I was listening to these two speakers at a recent event.

The first to be featured was Andrew Bray of http://www.energyawaken.com who spoke on the subject of how people are spiritual beings, having a human experience.  Andrew is an energetic catalyst, and certified coach specializing in intuitive development.  Andrew came to the audience with insight on how to develop and nurture their spiritual connection.

Andrew Bray of Energy Awaken


The second to speak was Patrick Mathieu of http://mortalitymanifesto.com.  Patrick is a certified coach instructor, an author, and motivational speaker.  Patrick came to the audience with insight about the human experience, and how to spend the time we have here with chosen focus, and nurture what matters most.

Patrick Mathieu of Patrick Mathieu Unlimited


Hypnosis can be about the spiritual connection, as well as your human focus, regardless of where you are in your personal life, or on the spiritual spectrum.

Often we can become laser focused on one thing, forgetting how important balance is.  As a Reiki master and a Life Coach I see the importance of both sides of the coin.  The hypnotist in me sees unlimited potential when a blend of both sides of life can be put together in sessions creating the perfect cocktail for success.

GearIntuit is open to all walks of life and belief systems, and I strongly recommend that whatever your particular focus is, these two gentlemen are worth looking into for motivation.  GearIntuit will help you anchor positive thought patterns into your subconscious mind, making your chosen focus easy to execute.

Nicole Vallentyne of GearIntuit Hypnosis